Today’s active families are on the go every day. We believe in supporting and keeping families connected by providing enriching learning opportunities for parents, parent and child, and the entire family. This generational learning gives families a chance to slow down and experience learning together in a fun way. 

​Greenleaf Learning Studio’s mission is to provide affordable academic coaching for students, learning opportunities for parent and child, links to educational websites for learning, and links to central Minnesota family events within driving distance.




Greenleaf Learning Studio’s vision is to serve as a supplemental education service for all types of students that provides academic coaching in collaboration with school districts. 

Our passion is to provide an affordable supplemental education service for families wanting to have their child receive academic coaching in grades k-12. We believe in providing an Individualized Tutoring Plan (ITP) for each learner that includes best practice strategies for learning that reinforces skills and scaffolds students learning to higher levels. Your child’s ITP is designed based on best practice formal and informal assessments, parent input, and teacher feedback when permission is given by the parents to contact their child’s teacher. The number of academic coaching sessions varies based on each learner’s ITP. Our personalized approach is provided in a warm, caring, and nurturing learning environment where our goal is to help our learners become stronger confident learners.